Big Ol’ Bag of Dicks

Dicks by mail, gummy penises

What is better than Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s dick in a box?

A bag of dicks. 

Anonymously sending a bag of dicks to your childhood enemy, your ex or for that special asshole in your life. Yes!

Dicks by Mail are making this a reality, for $15 you can send some jelly dicks. At this point, it doesn’t even matter if they are gluten free or manufactured in China, I need to send some of these.

The website says, “It’s not meant to be a threat or a way to bully. If you are sending this with the intent to ruin someones day, then maybe it’s you who needs to eat a bag of dicks.”

Or maybe you just want someone to get excited over receiving a package and see the disappointment written over their face as they read the bold text note, “EAT A BAG OF DICKS”.

For anyone who was a fan of the Ship Your Enemies Glitter campaign, then you are going to love this.

Dicks by mail, gummy penises

Check it out, just for dicks and giggles :

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